Torq Energy Bar

Torq Energy Bar

TORQ Energy bars are ultra-low fat, moist and chewy, and are formulated to deliver TORQ's unique blend of 2:1 multiple-transportable carbohydrates to the working muscles quickly and efficiently. TORQ Bar forms part of the TORQ Fuelling System, so can be used alongside TORQs energy drinks, gels and chews to fuel optimal performances.

The 4 standard energy bars are certified Fairtrade, which means that the farmers in the developing countries, where the ingredients for our products are produced, are paid a fair price for their crop. The Organic Mango TORQ Bar contains fairly-traded mango and is certified Organic by the Soil Association.

All 5 TORQ Energy bars also contain D-Ribose, a naturally occurring sugar in the body which aids cellular re-charge and recovery.

Each bar 45g.

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