Servicing and Repairs

Bikewise can undertake service and repair work from punctures to full rebuilds. So drop your bike in to have our qualified mechanic bring it back to life.

All our new bikes come with a free 6-week service. In the first few weeks of owning your bike the new cables may stretch a little. This is just a settling in process of new parts and is nothing to worry about. Just book your bike in for your free 6-week service and we will check it over. 

Please phone us on 01895 675376 if you would like to pre-book your repair work. We can then insure that your bike is off the road for as little time as possible.

Service Care Packs
Our service packs are a great way to get your bike serviced for less money. 

New bike service pack £50: 
This is available when you purchase a new bike and includes 2 services on the same bike in the first year of owning your bike. You basically pay for one service and get one free. 

Extended service care pack £70:
This gives you 2 services for the same bike within a year for bikes that are more than a year old, saving £30 on the cost of 2 services. 

Common problems that we can sort for you:

Tyres are worn and need replacing
Brakes are not working properly: we can change brake pads and wires
Gears not running smoothly: we can do a gear service and change any cables needed
Clicking and creaking noises coming from the bike
Chain is dry and needs lubricating
Bike has been sitting in the garage for a while and needs a check over
Full service work to keep your bike in tip top condition
Any other issues you may have with your bike, please ask

Common service and repair work:

Standard Service: We pump up tyres, true wheels, check all nuts and bolts are tight, check and adjust headset and wheel bearings, tighten pedals and cranks, tighten seat post and saddle, check and adjust brakes, check disc brake settings, check and adjust gears, lube chain and general check over of bike. 

Lube and Tune Service: A mini service to check your bike over if no major adjustments or parts are needed. 

Gear Service: Adjustment and set up of gears if they are not running smoothly. 

Brake Service: Set up brakes and ensure brake pads are fitted correctly. 

Bleed Hydraulic Brake: Includes bleed of old fluid, and new fluid. 

Standard Wheel True: Spokes are re-tensioned to ensure wheel runs smoothly. 

Assemble Boxed Bike: If you have purchased a bike and it arrived part-built in a box, we can assemble and set the bike up so it is safe to ride. 

If you would like us to have a look at your bike, give us a call and book it in or just bring your bike along to the shop and leave it with us.