Denham Country Park and Canal Ride 8 miles

Beginner ride: Riden on 19/1/2017 by Tom.

This ride has a mixture of both on and off road with the majority of the riding taking place on the canal. This is a ride that anyone with basic riding abilities can complete making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy. There are many places to stop and take in the scenery along the way, as well as a park and cafe to stop for a bite to eat.

Location: The main place this ride will take you is to Denham Country Park via the canal, however part of the ride will go through both Ickenham and Uxbridge.

Distance: Roughly 8 miles.

Elevation: 213 ft, this is a very flat ride with the only hills being on the road.  

What to expect: The ride will start on the road and take you out onto the canal via Uxbridge Golf Course where you will ride on hard packed gravel paths, which makes the ride best suited for mountain and hybrid bikes. There are some sections of the ride on the road where you will need to take care as it can get busy, particularly around Uxbridge. This ride is perfect if you are looking to get out for a leisurely stretch of the legs or looking to discover new areas to visit on your bike without having to ride on main roads all the time.   




Head out of Bikewise and turn right down Ivy House Road, follow the road through Swakeleys park.  Turn right, and then immediately left. Ride past Vyners secondary school and to the top of Warren Road. Cross over at the set of traffic lights, turn left and then right into The Drive.


Follow the Drive down sticking to the left heading towards Uxbridge Golf Course.


Cycle through the golf club car park and stay straight down the hard packed gravel path, be aware that there are golfers playing so care should be taken whilst riding this section.


At the bottom of the hill follow the path around to the left and you will see a small wooden bridge to cross at on the right, once over this bridge simply follow the path straight until you reach a white bridge which takes you onto the canal.


Immediately as you have crossed the bridge you will need to take a right, crossing another small footbridge, once over this bridge there is a sign pointing left to take you to Denham Country Park.  


At the park there is a chance to stop for a bite to eat and a drink, once you have finished head towards the car park and follow the same path back out towards the canal until you arrive at a bridge where you take a right.


After crossing the bridge you should be back onto the canal which you follow straight until you arrive at Uxbridge.


From here you can chose to come back from Uxbridge via the A40 fields or head back down Warren Road back into Ickenham. Head towards Park Road/Uxbridge College and follow the cycle path along the right hand side until you can turn right into the fields and follow this through, back to Warren Road, or ride straight over the A40 roundabout and turn immediately right into Warren Road. This brings you back into Ickenham.