Back To School

Back to School

Are you, or your child planning on riding a bike to School when the new term starts? If so, here are some tips on getting your bike and accessories ready to go.

Tips for cycling to School:

Make sure your bike is in working order. Do your brakes work? Are your gears running smoothly? Consider getting your bike checked over to make sure it is safe to ride.

Oil your chain. This will ensure your components last longer and run smoothly. We have lubricant from £5.99.

Check your tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure (check the sidewall of your tyre for the PSI number). We have pumps from £7.99.

Check how old your helmet is. Helmets have a 3 year life, so if you have owned it longer than this, or if it has had any knocks, come and look for a new one. We have helmets from £36.99.

Do you have a strong lock? A D lock will be the most secure lock for leaving your bike all day at School. If you have a lock, check you haven't lost the keys. We have D locks from £45 that can be attached to your bike making them easy to carry with you.

Use lights, day and night. Having lights on in the daytime will help motorists see you. If you already have lights, do they need new batteries or do they need charging? We have sets of lights from £19.99.

Enjoy cycling to School!