Autumn/Winter Cycling

It's that time of year again, when the season is changing, the nights are drawing in, and it's getting colder. If you are a regular cyclist, either recreationally or you commute, it is now time to think about riding safely and comfortably throughout the Autumn and Winter months. There are a few simple things you can do to stay visible, dry and warm.

Firstly a good set of bright lights are important. Most cycle lights are now USB rechargeable and you can get lights bright enough to help you see the road in front of you. Check that your bike has reflectors both front and back as this will help motorists see you. A high visibility jacket or vest will also add to your visibility.

Comfortable, warm and waterproof clothing will be the best investment you make for a happy commute. Along with a waterproof jacket, a good pair of warm and waterproof gloves is a must. There is nothing worse than cold hands! Waterproof over trousers and overshoes are also something to consider if you are going to be cycling in all weathers.

Don't forget a helmet. It is always recommended to wear a helmet, and there is new technology now available called MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) which absorbs more impact in the event of a fall. A skullcap worn under your helmet will keep your head warm.

Keep your bike running smoothly by lubricating your chain and keeping it as clean as possible. Keep your tyres pumped up and if you ride over rough ground, you could consider upgrading your tyres to more puncture resistant ones. Mudguards are always a good idea for wet, muddy riding. We have full, traditional mudguards or something a bit more sporty looking. 

We hope you continue cycling over the winter months, whether you are commuting or going out for a family ride. With a little preparation and the right lights and clothing, you will continue to enjoy your cycling experience.